over2021 The tiny bird in the left upper corner of the website is my logo and (of course!) originally made with linoleum. It was actually one of the first linoleum pieces I made. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by art. Creating new things and exploring materials: I cannot imagine my life without this creative process. I also love the traditional crafts. That is why I think making linoleum prints fits me so well and keeps fascinating. This traditional printmaking technique has become my passion. I find it interesting to use experiments to look for ‘the edges’ and the possibilities of the linoleum material and printmaking.

There are a lot of details in my linoleum work and I really enjoy carving them. For example, there is a bird hidden in the cat lino and I did cut a different pattern in each circle of the large butterfly. During my linoleum print journey, this detailedness is a subject in which I challenge and develop myself. More and more, smaller and more complex details can be found in my work.

My work primarily focuses on nature themes and it might be no surprise that my favourite colour is ultramarine blue. I just love this vivid and bright colour. It was Delft blue ceramics which inspired me to make the patterns in the animal lino pieces at first, but I am now freewheeling on the concept and making my own more and more complex versions. Also I really enjoy making multi colour linoleum prints. Usually with reduction or puzzle technique or combining both. All of my prints are designed, carved, and pressed by hand at my tiny Enkhuizen-based home studio.

After graduating from art school (G. Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam) I spend several years working in graphic and 3d design for international events and trade shows. A serious traffic accident put a hold to this. Years of rehabilitation to learn to walk again followed. This big impact on my life totally changed my perspective. It learned me to focus on my true values and believes and that I am an artist in heart. This gave me an enormous boost and the conviction to focus completely on my art as my main purpose. 

Take your time to look around at my website and if there’s anything I can assist you with, please fill out the contact form,  I’m only a click away. Also check out my Instagram page if you’re curious about my work in progress.

Thanks for coming by, and please enjoy!

Suzanne Kruisdijk, 2021