This Starling bird portrait is a reduction linoleum print with 9 (!) colour layers. It’s the 4th of a series of bird portraits I’m working on currently. This one was definitely the most complex one so far and not only because of the number of layers. The portrait is inspired by the Starling and I had to make a lot of color tests to achieve the dark warm shine. I didn’t think pure flat black ink did this beautiful bird justice. That’s why I built up the dark shades in such a way that they reinforce each other. The color scheme is therefore actually completely out of my comfort zone which was fun to do and also educational. For each colour layer I did carve more linoleum away from one block. As a result, the linoleum block is reduced to almost nothing and not suitable anymore for reprinting. It’s a limited edition print run.


  • Printed on Strathmore paper, ‘natural white’, 184 lb.
  • Paper size 6 x 6 inch
  • Image 4.13 x 4.13 inch, with underneath the number, signature and year
Posted by:skruisdijk