I have designed and drawn this bird by hand, and cut it in lino. Each print is individually inked and printed on paper and therefore unique. It is a limited edition print with a circulation of 50 at this size! Each print is numbered and signed by hand. The color blue can be compared to pantone reflex blue.

The design for this lino originated from my love for nature and patterns. Animals and flowers come together beautifully in this design. I think the color blue is really great!

Since all prints are hand printed, each print is slightly different from the other, with small imperfections that make each copy so beautiful and unique. The print run of this print is 50.

– Printed on Fabriano paper, ‘natural white’, 300 grams.
– Paper size 7.7 x 5.3 inch (A5)
– Image 4.7 x 3.3 inch, with underneath the signature, year and edition number


Posted by:skruisdijk

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